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Order of the Arrow Annual Dues 2017

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Option 1) Dues Only -This is for all Order of the Arrow members to pay their dues for calendar year 2017. You must pay dues to remain an active member in good standing with the Lodge. Your dues are put toward running the Order of the Arrow program in the Chickasaw Council and toward paying National dues and recharter fees. Your membership is good from the time you pay until January 1, 2018.

Option 2) If you are a returning member but were inactive in 2016 -   Your membership is good from the time you pay until January 1, 2018.

Option 3) Season Pass Dues  - The Lodge has introduced a program called the Ahoalan-Nachpikin Season Pass. This pass allows you to prepay for all of your Lodge events and dues for the upcoming year. For $90 it covers the fees for LOAC, Spring Ordeal, Fall Ordeal, Fall Fellowship, Family Banquet, Lodge dues, and the patches for LOAC and Fall Fellowship. Purchased separately this would normally cost $105. (NOTE: YOU WILL STILL NEED TO REGISTER FOR EVENTS FOR PLANNING PURPOSES OR ELSE THE LATE FEE WILL BE IMPOSED SINCE WE WILL NEED TO PLAN FOR FOOD AND PROGRAM.)

Option 4) Add a Season Pass (Dues already paid) - Did you already pay your dues or does your Troop pay your dues at re-charter time and you want to get the Season Pass?  Then this option is for you!

Option 5) Active Duty Military - If you are Active Duty Military your dues for the year are waived but we do need to you still register.  The Lodge thanks you for your service.

Thank you very much for renewing your membership!

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